Open 7 days a week. Accepting vendors.

Peddlers Junction Lancaster Location
1375 Old Logan Rd. Lancaster OH 43130
What we Offer Services
Full Service Cashiering

Every vendor can take advantage of our full-service cashiering.  This provides the vendors flexible "no need to be here" flexibility.

Month-to-Month Contracts

Our vendors rent on a month-to-month basis - providing ultimate rental space pliability.

Flexible Space Options

We offer everyting from small to large space rental options for vendors to sell their products.

7 day a week operations

We are open 7 days a week to maximize vendor sales opportunities. 

Vendor Customer Support

Our customer service department focuses on providing top vendor support and rental assignment options to help the vendor succeed.

Zero sales commission 

We take zero percent sales commission on vendor sales to lower vendor overhead costs.

Merchandise Vendor Products

Customers can find a wide selection of vendor products for sell - everyday.

Everything from chairs, tables, and hutches to outdoor furniture or Amish handmade pieces. All made from a variety of products including: wood, metal, wicker, plastic, and concrete.

Primitive and Americana
Primitive is a name given to decorative items, dishes and even jewelry with distinct lack of perfection. Primitive items have a general "rustic" or "farmhouse" look. Americana is any collection characteristic of the United States.
A collectable (collectible or collector's item) is any object regarded as being of value or interest to a collector. Collectable items are not necessarily monetarily valuable or uncommon; an antique is a collectable that is old, money is collectible for its rare print.
games, toys, electronics
Game systems, handhelds, cell phones, laptops, board games, toys (new and used) and Tablets
New, vintage and used: Men's, Woman's, and Children's clothing from many name brand companies.
Tools and Equipment
New, antique and/or used: toolsets, hand tools, compressors, tool chests, automotive and power tools.
Renting Being a Vendor

Being a vendor means you join an elite group of sellers. Select a menu option to learn more.

The Basics


Peddler's Junction rents vendor space on a month-to-month basis.

We take zero percent sales commission on vendor sales.

Vendors do not need to be present (or have a vendors license) to sell their products; we have full-service cashiering for all vendors.   We collect and pay all state sales tax on items sold.

Space Size Options

Unique low price offerings
  • Shelving Unit:  5 shelves high made of wood or plasitic
  • 2x5 Space: (locked or unlocked, with or without glass doors) 
  • Kiosk Cart with display shelving: Display cart 4 ft. wide and 8ft. long with storage drawers
  • Vendor Storage Space: 10x10 space with lockable gate


booth sizes
Booth Sizes (+ to expand)
Small Booth Sizes
  • 6x8
  • 8x8
  • 8x10
  • 8x12

All booth size choices come with either:  
OSB Pegboard walls
No display walls

Vendors are free to choose the best option and location within the store based on their needs.

Large Booth Sizes
  • 10x10
  • 10x12
  • 10x15

All booth size choices come with either:  
OSB Pegboard walls
No display walls

Vendors are free to choose the best option and location within the store based on their needs.

  • Electric in booths:  Most booths are equipped with an electrical socket for use, if desired (additional monthly fee applies).
  • Vendor Sales Portal:  At no additional cost, vendors can check their sales online 24x7 from their home or mobile device.
Rent Discount Types

All vendors can take advantage of any combination of discount options available below:

  • Store Zone Discounts
  • Refer a Vendor Discount
  • Pay in Advance Discount
  • Rental Price Match Program
Lear more (+ to expand)
Store Zone Discounts
zone discount pic

Zone discounts provide vendors ways to reduce their monthly rent and supports the vendors ability to rent and make sales in the most cost effective way possible.

A space in the designated "yellow" zone, for example, would provide 5% off the base rental rate.  A space in the "red" zone would provide 10% off the base rental rate. Spaces in the "green" zone provide no discount.  

Store Zone discounts are offered to every vendor reguardless of the number of spaces rented.

Refer a Vendor

We appreciate when vendors refer other vendors to sell their products at our stores.  Its why we created the refer a vendor program.  Here is how the program works:  

When a new vendors rents a booth that was referred by a current vendor (and they stay for 3 or more months) then the referring vendor will receive a $50 rent credit to their account. There is no limit to the number of vendor referrals possible for vendors.   

Pay in Advance
prepay and save

When a vendor decides to pay 3 or more months rent in advance, we offer a special discount on the total rent due being paid.  

Below is the discount table:

  • Pre-pay 3 month payment:   3% off total rent due
  • Each additional month paid on top:  1% off total rent due

Example:  a vendor decides to pay 6 months pre-pay rent. After other discounts have been applied, the vendor would receive an addtional 6% off remaining total amount due.

Vendors may pre-pay up to one years rent (for up to a maximum of 12% additional off) total rent due.

Rental Price Match Program

We are so sure about our rental rates and providing the best financial selling options within Peddler's Junction Lancaster that we created the vendor price match program.  Any new vendor can bring in a local competitors rental rate (proof required), and we will price match the monthly rental rate for the same rental space size.

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