Peddler’s Junction has launched its in-store television network, Peddler’s Television Network, enabling vendors and outside community businesses to influence the consumer’s shopping mindset in the Vendor Mall Retail environment.

Consider The Facts:
The idea of launching Peddler’s Television Network emerged out of shopper facts, and an in-depth analysis of the retail dynamics. According to US National Retail polls, in-store television advertising is a unique way of bringing together products, the community, and local businesses.

Did you know that…

  • 74% of buying decisions are made IN the retail store itself.
  • 37% of all shoppers switch brands on watching television ads at point of purchase.
  • 42% of shoppers would prefer to shop in a place that has visual aids, giving them information about products.
  • 30% of retail television viewers make unplanned purchases.

The Experience:
Peddler’s Junction Vendor Mall beams shopper experience programming on flat screen television monitors within its stores. The Network has relevant original advertisements such as booth rent specials or in-store and Vendor products. Additionally, tidbits such as “vendor mall treasure hunting tips” or “Did You Know” facts provide fun and entertainment to shoppers as they browse the store.

Local businesses can also advertise using Peddler’s Television Network; a limited number of commercial ad slots are available. A running ad is limited to an agreed segment length, and depending on the number of locations a business wishes to advertise provides another avenue for local businesses to reach shoppers. Businesses and Vendors do have to agree to a contract and Peddler’s Television Network Terms and Conditions, which can be found here: (Peddler’s TV Network: Terms and Conditions).