We take 0% COMMISSION on Vendor sales!!

We have booth space as well as other Peddlers Junction services set at extremely attractive rates. We sell your products and you keep all your money. You won’t find a better return on your investment anywhere!


Booth and other Space Rental Program

How Renting Works: Peddler’s Junction rents space under a month to month contract. We do not take ANY commission on vendor sales. When you rent more than one booth space, we also apply a special discount to both booth rentals. That’s two discount opportunities!  On top of this, we have special discount opportunities (see below).

Pricing:  Our rental space pricing starts at $49.50 per month.  Because space size can be limited – and because of the various discount programs offered on a monthly basis – our Customer Service team can provide the most accurate and up-to-date details on rental rates. They can be reached at 740-901-6113  seven days a week!

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  • Wall Space Advertising Rental: $35.00 per wall, per month
  • Storage Space for Inventory: $0.80 per sq. ft. / per month
  • In-Store Television Advertising: $25.00 per ad, per month
  • Being a Featured Vendor on our website: $10.00 per month
  • Monthly Electric Cost Per Booth: $10.00 per month

**A Credit Card Processing Fee is assessed when sales are rung-up on Credit or Debit Cards.

Unparalleled Vendor Referral, Loyalty and Discount Program(s)

Providing opportunities for current vendors to reduce their monthly rent supports efforts to grow and sustain their business.  Its why we created the program.  Here’s how the program works:  Vendors who refer a new vendor (that stays  for 3 or more months) will receive a $50 credit to their account.  There is no limit to the number of vendors that can be referred.


Our Very Important Vendor (VIV) program is designed to provide a large discount on monthly rental rates for vendors who have rented for more than one consecutive year at our facility.  Not only does the discount apply for every space rented, but there is no contract length required.


Every month, we run special discount programs designed to not only attract new vendors, but to provide opportunities for current vendors to increase booth space for little overhead.  Many times, these space discounts are offered on top of the already provided contract and zone discounts.






Peddlers Junction offers a wide variety of services that most markets don’t. It is why we don’t consider ourselves to be a Flea Market – rather a “Vendor Mall”. Some of these services include: 7 days a week operating hours, all inclusive administrative/cashier services, small space (shelf) to large booth space rentals, vendor sales web portal, special product security services, selling on consignment, the “vendor does not have to be here to make money” approach, advertising services, and even live entertainment.